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Business Marketing Content 

Business Promotional videos are a great way to market your business. At BlackLion Media we have produced promotional videos for a wide range of clients from tattoo artists, real estate agents & corporate businesses such as Hallmark.

Anything you can see in your imagination we can film it. Our main goal is to help our clients grow whatever project, business, or passion that you want through our Videography. 

83% of businesses say that video marketing provides a great ROI and with our competitive prices, why wouldn't you give it a shot?


Video Biography/Interviews 

Biography videos are a great way to let new clients get to know more about you or your employees  before they take part in your services.


 These types of videos are great for people who provide services such as; hair salons, tattoo artists, esthetician’s, personal trainers, therapists etc. 


There are many benefits to Bio Videos. As a business owner you are able to share the personalities of your employees with your customers. Another benefit being that you are able to say and show more in the least amount of time. 

Vertical Edit

Vertical Edits are a great way to stay up on the trends. 


This format can be used for facebook stories, facebook posts, youtube shorts, & instagram reels.

Real Estate:

Real Estate Videography is going to sell your homes faster than you can get the next one listed.

Did you know that 85% of Buyers and Sellers want to work with agents that use video marketing?

It is a fact that videos generate 1,200% more shares than texts and pictures combined.

Let us help you sell more homes!

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